One-time Shredding from Dunlap Government Solutions

Whether you have one box or hundreds of boxes, we handle shredding requests of all sizes.

Dunlap Government Solutions have the resources to accommodate any one-time shredding project of any size.

Tell us when you would like your purge shredding service performed, and we will make sure your documents are destroyed promptly and professionally.

Our one-time shredding service offers the same level of security as our regular shredding solutions including file room clean-outs, annual file purges, and office moves.

One-time purge service to businesses and residents

If you need a quick and secure way to remove built-up clutter in your office, we can successfully shred your old files so that they are 100% unrecoverable.

Save space in your workplace and opt for our one-time purge shredding service.

 It is the fastest and most secure means of removing documents that have exceeded their retention period, or those that simply aren’t needed anymore.

The best part of a one-time purge service is how easy it is for our customers. To prepare, all you have to do is gather the papers or documents you’d like to have destroyed.

You don’t even need to worry about paper clips or rubber bands (our professional document shredding machines can chew through those easily, and we’ll sort out the non-paper bits before recycling).

When it’s time for your one-time purge shredding service, just tell the technician which papers need to be shredded.

They’ll securely collect and transfer the papers into our mobile shredding trucks, and your papers will be shredded right then and there.

You can even personally watch the process as it happens to verify that each and every sheet of paper is properly cross-cut.

Do you need one-time shredding service?

It’s tempting to write off professional shredding services as something that only large businesses can benefit from.

However, this misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you’re looking to get rid of documents with any kind of personal or private information, professional shredding is one of the best ways to keep your information safe.

Personally identifiable information (PII) can be immensely powerful, and in the wrong hands, only a few pieces are needed to cause some serious trouble.

Shredding anything with even a single instance of PII keeps your information confidential, even after it’s thrown away.

Examples of documents that frequently contain PII include:

  • Credit card solicitations and other junk mail addressed to your name
  • Documents containing a home address
  • Papers with your signature
  • Old tax records
  • Expired ID cards
  • Documents with personal details (i.e. the name of a pet)
  • Account numbers or banking records

Call our team! If this is your first time using a professional shredding company, you may have some questions or concerns. We are more than happy to speak with you and answer those questions.

We’ll explain the details of how our one-time document destruction service works. We’ll also supply you with a free quote during the same call and schedule your one-time appointment for any day of your choice.

How to prepare

  • Identify the documents you’ll be shredding and which ones you’d like to store away or keep. It may help to set the shredding documents aside in clearly-labeled boxes or bags.
  • Don’t bother removing staples, clips, or envelopes – our commercial shredding machines are powerful enough to destroy these alongside your papers.
  • After shredding, we’ll sort out the non-paper particles, so everything can still be recycled.

Your one-time shredding day arrives

  • We come to your office or home on the day you requested. Our trained and uniformed service technician will take care of everything, allowing you to continue your business day with minimal interruption.
  • All documents will be placed into one of our lockable security bins before being rolled to our mobile shred truck.
  • A bin tipper will lift the bin and empty the contents into the industrial shredder and your sensitive documents will be shredded immediately.
  • You can even accompany your documents to the truck and witness the entire process as it occurs.
  • Shredding doesn’t have to be hard. With Dunlap Government Solutions, getting rid of your confidential documents is easy and risk-free.