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If document and data destruction is one of your Mission Essential Tasks, let Dunlap Government Solutions be your force multiplier. 

We are a Louisiana based company whose mission is to protect confidential information by shredding and destroying records.

Brig. Gen. John Dunlap (USA Ret) maintains his Security Clearance, which brings unique credentials to a SDVOSB that will assist Contracting Officers in meeting set-aside goals for Information Destruction contracts.

Dunlap Government Solutions is a “fire and forget” document destruction service provider. Our monthly reports make contract administration and compliance with the FAR simple so that Contracting Officers and CORs can focus on other aspects of their mission.  We meet industry-specific standards such as HIPAA requirements and government standards. 

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Defend Your Data

Send us to perform your data destruction; we are prepared and able.  Excellence starts here.  We are always ready and we will do whatever it takes!

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